Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Once we begin the search for your ideal worker you can rest assured that you will always be kept abreast of the search status for your perfect hire.

 We will always let you know if the proposed salary is competitive enough in the current market, and what is deemed a fair offer.

 This same clarity is also extended to our candidates. We keep them updated as to where you stand in the process and the job offer. Their calls are always returned, and they are notified when they are no longer active candidates in your search for the right staff member. Candidates will be treated with dignity.

 With each reservation and our commitment to find the ideal prospect for each unique need, we carefully match the right candidate based on their experience, qualifications, and profiles with the specific requirements of the client.

 Our role is to provide highly qualified staff, as well as consultation services, to clients determined to enhance the operations within their homes, offices and multiple estates.

 We evaluate the roles, duties, and responsibilities of staff, create staff plans, etc., all with the goal of streamlining the functionality of their homes and offices.

 So whether you are hiring a formally trained Butler, an Educated Nanny, A Personal Chef, Housekeeper, or a top-notch Personal Assistant, our highly proficient team executes each request with the greatest degree of diligence.

 We work diligently and never stop until you are 100% satisfied.